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Complete Duolingo Hebrew Anki Set

The Complete Hebrew Duolingo Course on Anki Cards
Complete Duolingo Hebrew Anki Set
Eliezer Ben Yehuda and Hemda Ben-Yehuda, the creators of the first Hebrew dictionary

Greetings to all Hebrew enthusiasts!

This has been many months in the making - and I am super excited to share

This is the most comprehensive Anki Card Set ever made based on the Hebrew course on Duolingo. This set doesn’t just introduce you to words but delves into their conjugations. Each card offers transliterations, translations, and additional insights about the word, helping you learn its usage and context better.

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    • This set includes three card formats:

      1. Hebrew to English (multiple choice): Helps in familiarizing and recognizing the Hebrew script.
        Hebrew to English card example
      2. English to Hebrew (multiple choice): Tests your understanding of Hebrew word translation.
        English to Hebrew card example
      3. English to Hebrew (typed): You can practice spelling and typing in Hebrew.
        English to Hebrew typed card example

      On flipping the card, you'll find an in-depth explanation about the word, helping with your vocabulary knowledge.
      Card back with explanations

      I can highly recommend installing Anki Heatmap as it helps so much with the learning process

      I want to pause for a moment to give immense gratitude upon the incredible individuals who played pivotal roles in the fruition of this project. With thousands of words and countless hours over many months, the dedication and passion demonstrated by Corinnebelle, PtolemysXX, EranBarLev, dakanga, MatOzone, Heilswahrheit, and meanon have been truly monumental. Of course too where would we be without the Duolingo Community Forum Duome - and the admins and moderators who spend their time upkeeping such a valuable resource. My heart swells with appreciation, and I am profoundly thankful for every contribution made. Thank you – ברוך השם!

      Join us on this language journey, and let's make Hebrew learning more interactive and profound!


      Audio files have been added to all words on the deck. This is based on Google's Wavenet Algorithm