Published on 25 January 2024

Updated Interactive Israel Election Map (1992-2022)

Updated Interactive Israel Election Map (1992-2022)
The 1992 Israeli election, up close.

Hello everyone,

I've been working on a new map for the Israeli elections - I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can see it in full screen here.

Charting: Interactive Data Exploration

One of this updated project's most important new features is the charting. Adding hover state functionality for data points allows you to interactively explore how individual polling stations voted. This not only makes the data more accessible but also allows for a more engaging exploration of voting patterns across different regions.

Addition of the 25th Knesset: A Closer Look

Including the 25th Knesset election data significantly expands the project's scope. This addition allows you to access detailed party classifications and results, offering a broad view of the most recent election dynamics.


For the new elections, there are updated classifications.

These are the party grouping descriptions.

Bloc Description
Left Advocates for redistribution, social liberalism and more peaceful on security
Right Advocates for free markets, social conservatism and more hawkish on security
Secular Centre Parties that do not identify with Orthodox tradition and do not identify as Left Wing or Right Wing
Arab-Israeli Advocates for Arab-Israelis - this covers a broad section of identities and beliefs
Orthodox Advocates for Orthodox Jewish people
Sectoral Advocates for a particular interest (region, peoples, issue)
Micro Parties that get under 1% of the vote

And these are all the classifications for all parties since 1992.

Future Developments and Collaborations

Looking ahead, my aim is to provide updates for upcoming election data. Plans for future developments also include integrating more advanced analytical tools and expanding the dataset to include broader socio-political variables. In addition, I'd aim to find the data for the polling stations for the missing elections.


This update to the Israel Election Data Project marks a significant milestone in providing an in-depth, interactive, and accessible analysis of Israeli elections. The addition of the 2022 election results, along with the technical and visual enhancements, have significantly improved this project.

Explore the project on GitHub

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